1055 West Georgia, Street.

Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Welcome to United Canada Trading Ltd., we have over 20 years of expertise

February 21, 2024

1055 West Georgia, Street.

Vancouver, B.C. Canada

United Canada Trading Ltd. (UCT) has been established
since 1997 in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada.

UCT and its affiliates promote products from Canada, United States, Europe, and Asia in a global market.


UCT believes in fostering a precise and impartial approach with all of our partners and clients.

Flexible Team

A young, enthusiastic team of advisers are always here to help.

Quality Control

UCT’s Quality Control (QC) Department works from start to finish to maintain the highest standard products.


UCT`s Supply Chain Visibility (SCV) connects importers and exporters with our global suppliers, brokers and carriers to globally provide the products and services necessary. With UCT`s SCV, our partners can efficiently manage their supply chain.


UCT’s on-demand global trade relations with established organizations provide all the necessary contacts for medium and large-sized importers and exporters. UCT has proven experience in innovation with a track record of 19 years in leadership and business across a range of industries

What we Offer

We invest in the development of thought leadership to enhance our reputation in the marketplace, define and extend our brand, and bolster our reputation for innovation.

Our goal is to draw upon research and experience from throughout our professional services organization, and that of coauthors in academia and business.


United Canada Trading’s Partner Program

Customers are demanding global exposure. Are you prepared to invest in the facilities, technology and the high-priced talent needed to meet this requirement? As an established player in a globally expanding market, UCT can help grow your business. You will see a noticeable return on your investment through greater global exposure, support and increased client satisfaction.

Meet our Team

UCT’s QC Team ensures that all its processes follow the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP).

UCT’s Quality Control (QC) Department works from start to finish to maintain the highest standard products that have been manufactured under FDA or GMP governmental controls.

Raw Materials – Metal

Agricultural Foods




UCT has over 55 agents globally that market our partner’s products, and have a substantial impact on business revenue. In addition, the majority of today’s pharmaceutical products are directly marketed by each country’s Ministry of Health to hospitals, pharmacies and health stores.

Guaranteed Expertise

Experience and knowledge

We offer key transformational services and innovation that brings the breadth of our experience and industry knowledge. You can trust United Canada Trading.



Cosmetics / Food / Household / Nano Supplement / Nutritional & Sport / Food Supplemental / Pharmaceutical / Raw Materials / Medical Devices and more….

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UCT offers a variety of services to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with all its partners.

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About Us

About Us

UNITED CANADA TRADING and its affiliates promote products from Canada, United States, Europe, and Asia in a global market.

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