1055 West Georgia, Street.

Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Welcome to United Canada Trading Ltd., we have over 20 years of expertise

November 29, 2023

1055 West Georgia, Street.

Vancouver, B.C. Canada

About Us


UNITED CANADA TRADING (UCT) and its affiliates promote products from Canada, United States, Europe, and Asia in a global market. UCT was founded in 1997, and it fosters international trade by strengthening the important role of local, regional, and national associations through specialization in Export Management and Trading….

Company Partners

United Canada Trading’s Partner Program
Customers are demanding global exposure. Are you prepared to invest in the facilities, technology and the high-priced talent needed to meet this requirement? As an established player in a globally expanding market, UCT can help grow your business. You will see a noticeable return on your investment through greater global exposure, support and increased client satisfaction….

Company Profile

United Canada Trading Ltd. (UCT) has been established for over Nineteen Years in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. With a global access, UCT has internationally developed and fostered extensive and strategic relationships with the most influential business groups and Governmental Health authorities….

Individual Customer Support

UCT’s Quality Control (QC) Department works from start to finish to maintain the highest standard products that have been manufactured under FDA or GMP governmental controls….