1055 West Georgia, Street.

Vancouver, B.C. Canada

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October 2, 2023

1055 West Georgia, Street.

Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Nutritional and Sport / Food Supplemental


Health choices are made easy with our line of products that are designed and manufactured with the highest quality ingredients to match your daily routine – certified halal for the whole family. Natural Health products, as the name states, emphasizes on using natural ingredients, ensuring a healthy living and happy lifestyle.


UCT Affiliated Company Is One Of The Largest Manufacturers Of Soft Gelatin Capsules In The Industry, Initiating Its Softgel Production In 1999 Forever Changing The Company’s Standing In The Nutritional And Pharmaceutical Industries At A Performance Level Of More Than 6 Billion Softgel Capsules Annually.


Hard Shell Capsules are widely used due to its convenient administration and its colouring possibilities. fields of application are above all dry plant powder, herbal extracts and mixtures of minerals / trace elements. they are suited particularly for powders, which cannot be pressed into tablets.