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February 21, 2024

1055 West Georgia, Street.

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Agricultural Chemical – Ureas


Agrochemical: Urea

Fertilizers – Urea
The Global Urea Market Demand Reached A Volume Of Nearly 187.8 Million Metric Tons In 2019. The Demand Is Expected To Grow At A CAGR Of 2% Between 2020 And 2025. By 2025, The Global Demand Is Projected To Attain 211.5 Million Metric Tons.
China – Main Consumers Of Urea , China Is The Largest Consumer Of Urea In The World. 43% Of Urea Is Produced In China And 40% Is Consumed.

Demand For Urea
About 165 Million Tons Of Urea Is Sold Annually In The World. Experts Predict That In Coming Years The Demand Will Grow. While The Consumer Demand From China And The United States Could Stay At The Same Level, It Is Forecasted That The Demand In India, Brazil, And European Countries Will Continue To Grow And In 2020 The Aggregate Demand Exceeds 180 Million Tons.

Production Of Urea
43% Of The World Production Of Urea Is Located In China. Other Major Urea Suppliers At The Global Market Are India (13.5%) And Countries Of The Middle East Region, Such As Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iran, And Oman (About 13%). Europe And The CIS Countries Produce About 11% Of The World Reserves Of Carbamide

Top Countries in Urea Fertilizer Producer
No Top 5 Countries Metric Tons Last
1 China About 37,000,000 2019-2020
2 India About 24,000,000 2019-2020
3 United States About 11,500,000 2019-2020
4 Russia About 10,500,000 2019-2020
5 Iran About  6,000,000 2019-2020


Top Countries in Urea Fertilizer Imports
No 5 Countries Metric Tons Last
1 India About  7,500,000 2019-2020
2 Brazil About  6,500,000 2019-2020
3 United States About  3,500,000 2019-2020
4 Turkey About  3,000,000 2019-2020
5 Australia About  2,500,000 2019-2020


Use Of Urea
Urea Is Widely Used In Agriculture And Industry.

UCT extensive and diverse experience is supplying World Agricultural Industries on their Fertilizers – Ammonia and Urea demands via our major sources and producers globally.