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UCT sources coffee from Africa and South America. Coffee is a brewed beverage made from the roasted seeds, Once the berries of the coffee plant are harvested, the flesh is removed and discarded, leaving only the seed. Prior to roasting the beans have a grey-green color and are referred to as green coffee. Because the beans are very shelf stable at this point, they are sold and shipped green.


Arabica coffee is considered superior to Robusta because of its delicate flavor and low acidity. This variety is grown at higher altitudes and can be more difficult and costly to grow. These labor intensive, low yield plants produce a high demand bean that sells for a higher price.


Robusta coffee tends to have a more acidic and harsh flavor than Arabica as well as higher levels of caffeine. Robusta can be grown at lower altitudes, in hotter climates, and with less moisture. Because Robusta has fewer growing restrictions and has a generally less desirable flavor, it is usually sold for a lower price than Arabica beans. Most mass-market commercial beans are of the Robusta variety.

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Agricultural Foods


We believe strongly in the products we trade, their nutritional benefits, and their role in making the world a healthier place. Our strategic niche market focus allows for efficient purchasing, handling and distribution of a wide range of North American Grains, Oilseeds and Specialty crops.


Our trading experience includes areas in China, Germany, France, South America, and throughout the Middle East. We leverage our extensive relationships built over 30 years of experience to source top quality products. We have the contacts and resources to find what you are looking for at competitive prices. Our customers have found our extensive knowledge regarding a wide variety of products, invaluable. Our team of international trade associates represents an extensive supply network, with quick access to sources that allow us to get from “docs to docks” quickly.
Our principals have 50+ years of experience in sales, management, sourcing and shipping throughout the world. When moving supplies from doc to dock, we have the following areas covered.


Trust and integrity form the foundation of our success with the partnerships we have formed throughout the world. Our customers continue to partner with us because they trust us to source the best products.